Would you like some general tips for successful trade show exhibiting?

Read on and we’ll help!

  • Hand out buisiness cards and network with other exhibitors
  • Be active in your booth and talk with all customers
  • Invite visitors into your booth to review your product or service.  Create some excitement and reason for people to spend time there.  Demonstrations, games, and contests are a few ideas, be unique and creative, you want interaction.
  • Always have staff present in your booth.
  • Follow up on all leads you receive during the show within one month of the show date.
  • Please do not tape anything to the Best Expo equipment (poles, drape, skirting, chairs), the adhesive damages the finish.  Please do not cut the fabric.
  • DO NOT STAND on tables and chairs.  Please ask for a step ladder.

Things to pack for the show:

(For you or your exhibit neighbors, remember, interaction is the key)

  • Scissors
  • Pins/Tacks
  • String/Fishing Line
  • Prizes/Giveaway Items
  • Registration Blanks
  • Pens or Pencils
  • Registration Box or Bowl
  • Decorations

More Information for a Successful Trade Show



Plan your booth decoration, your staffing, your budget, your message
Don’t over do decoration, make sure your company name is visible and obvious.
Do you want to attract new business, inform current clients of new services?
Is a custom exhibit display right for you?  On a budget?  Utilize rental options and customize with Graphics.
Know your competition.  How are you better?


Tell your existing clients you will be there, ask them what they want to see.  Get some testimonials to use with your information.  Advance mailing to prospects can draw attention.  New product/Service?  Showcase it and spread the word.


Train your staff to handle their time in the booth.  What do you want them to offer?  What information do you want to be collected?  How do you want them to approach a visitor?  Help them start a conversation and get some interest in your business.


When you are planning your message, plan how to spread the word, too.  Print, Mail, Social Media, Phone, Email, Advertising?  They all have a place now.  They generate enthusiasm and interest.  Tie them together.


Follow Up!  Follow Up!  New customers/clients will respond to a quicker follow up.  Have an exit strategy for after the show.
Gather that information for future use.   Ask visitors what they liked, didn’t like.  Feedback, any feedback, is helpful.

Do you have any tips you would like to share?  Send them to us and we’ll add them to the lists.  We’ll credit you, too, if you would like.  We always want to hear from you!